Why Seo Is Essential For All Businesses


As it’s already half the year and the New Year is approaching in another five months, most of you might have started thinking about what 2023 will bring. A myriad of questions will be rushing into the minds of business owners, sales teams, marketing heads, and management teams. One question at the top of every businessman’s mind is – Should we invest in Search Engine Optimisation in 2023? Will this marketing strategy still work?

Being the fastest growing marketing agency in Dubai, we can tell you with confidence, that you will need SEO services in 2023 than you needed in 2022.

Why is SEO important?

We know you’ve likely invested quality time and budget to build a brand new website so the idea of investing even more time and effort is likely unappealing. But, something in mind for sure, SEO is critical. It’s one of the most effective and most accepted ways to ensure that potential customers can find your website exactly when they are searching for what your business has to offer.

If you’re just setting out to design and develop a new website, consider SEO services as early as possible as it can potentially be more significant than the design you’re creating!

Developing a strategy for SEO in Dubai will involve:

  1. Setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  2. Adopting technical SEO practices which include; definitive URL structures, improving the site structure, making it mobile-friendly, etc.
  3. Researching audience and doing competitor analysis
  4. Finding the appropriate keywords
  5. Developing on and off-page strategies.

How GrowthArk help?

At GrowthArk our professional search engine Optimization (SEO) services offer a multi-level strategy for the audience across the world. We assure to provide your business with a wide variety of SEO options for high traffic, classification, and best sales. Our company converts your ordinary website into an outstanding cash site by applying our SEO strategies.


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